Spiritual Growth Church – Sunday, September 25th, 2022 – Psalms 54


Psalms 54 – A cry of faith in the time of Antichrist

This marvelous little psalm is wedged in here, in the midst of all the troubles of the Great Tribulation, so that we can hear the cry of faith on the part of the remnant of God’s people and of a great company of Gentiles, too.

54:1-2 – David was betrayed. And we are told that in the Great Tribulation period brother will betray brother. It will be a time again of awful betrayal.

   It was a godless crowd that betrayed David. During the Tribulation period the godless Antichrist will be in power, and the Jewish remnant will suffer greatly under this Man of Sin.

54:3 – David was in deep distress, as will be the remnant during the Tribulation of the future.

   This brief psalm concludes with an expression of confidence in the help of God.

54:4-7 – We know from the historical record that God did deliver David from the treacherous Ziphites, and the faithful remnant can rest in the confidence that God will deliver them also. God will surely keep His promises.